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Using the FOIA Request Portal

Using the FOIA Request Portal

How to Create an Account within the FOIA Request Portal:

  1. Creating a New FOIA Request Portal Account:
    1. Begin by clicking on the Register link on top menu.  
    2. Fill in the Contact Information and Account Information fields to create your new account.
      1. Note: Remember your user name, and a temporary password will be emailed to you. Please be sure to enter a valid email address while creating your account.


How to Sign into the FOIA Request Portal:

  1. New/Existing FOIA Request Portal Accounts:
    1. Select the Log In link on the top menu.
    2. Provide your New/Exiting User Name.
    3. Provide your Account’s Password.
    4. Click the Sign In button to complete the login process.
      1. Note: If you forgot your User Name or Password please select the Forgot User Name or Password or Hint Answer? link.


How to Submit a Request or Appeal:

  1. Submitting a FOIA/Appeal Request:
    1. Begin by clicking on either the Submit FOIA Request or Submit Appeal link on the top menu.
    2. Option 1 - Fill in the General Information Section (FOIA Request):
      1. Please select the type of Request you plan on submitting, along your preferred Delivery and Payment Mode.
        1. Note: When submitting a Charge File request type the associated Charge Number should be provided. If provided the system will validate the Charge Number before allowing the Request to be submitted.
    3. Option 2 - Fill in the General Information Section (Appeal Request):
      1. There is only one Appeal request type available by default.
      2. If Appealing an previously submitted FOIA Request, use the FOIA No. field to reference the request.
        1. Select your Preferred Delivery and Payment Mode.
    4. Fill in the Description Section:
      1. Please provide a concise summary of the request in the Description box. Use the Add Attachment button to attach the full letter.
      2. If the date range of records is known provide the Record(s) date range.
    5. Fill in the Fee Information Section:
      1. Provide the Willing Amount in the field provided. If willing to pay all fees check the Willing to Pay All Fees check box.
      2. If requesting a fee waiver check the Fee Waiver Requested check box, and detail the reasons why a fee waiver is being requested.
    6. Submitting the Request:
      1. Select the Submit button at the bottom of the page to complete the form.
        1. Note: A verification email will be sent out shortly to let you know that EEOC has received your request successfully. The email will also provide you with your request number.


Via Mail, Fax, or FOIA Tracking System (FTS):

  • Your request must be in writing and must state in the Page, letter, fax, Internet, or e-mail and on the envelope or other cover, that it is a "Freedom of Information Act” request or "FOIA request." If you are submitting a FOIA appeal, please indicate on the cover and in the letter that it is a "Freedom of Information Act Appeal" or "FOIA Appeal."
  • Submit FOIA requests for records located at EEOC Headquarters, records that you do not know where the records are located in EEOC, and all FOIA appeals to the Office of Legal Counsel within the letter. The address, fax number, Internet or e-mail information is provided below to the attention of:
  • Submit FOIA requests for records located in EEOC District and Field offices such as charge files, FEPA contracts, and non-confidential District statistics, and information concerning past or current employees of the District to the appropriate District Director, or designee, as indicated in the FOIA e-mail addresses provided below. Submit requests online to a field office at When the charge number is included in the request, the EEOC FOIA Tracking System (FTS) will electronically deliver your request to the appropriate district office.
  • All Requests must state in the FOIA Request Portal, letter, (and on the envelope), fax (and the cover letter), FTS, or email that it is a "Freedom of Information Act Request" or "FOIA Request."


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